Cynthia Haynes, MA, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist


Couples (unmarried) / Relationship Counseling


Relationships are very important, married or not. It is especially valuable to meet with a counselor to review concerns and or anxieties that may be troubling you in your relationship with the most significant person in your life. Get your doubts, questions, and or anxieties resolved before they become bigger problems. If you are not feeling at ease and need some resolutions, clarity, and peace, please contact me.


  • Are your expectations are not being met?
  • Do you need him / her more?
  • She / he needs more alone time.
  • You don’t hear wedding bells.
  • His / her actions are not speaking louder than her/ his words.
  • Are we really compatible?
  • Am I making a BIG Mistake?
  • Everything would be perfect if only…
  • love him / her but am not sure how her/ his family perceives me.
  • Multi-Cultural anxiety?

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